What is Creativity?

Many of us feel as though we’re creative souls. Yet, we don’t know what we’re good at or what actually makes us creative. Creativity, in essence, is creating or influencing a response or feeling in others. Whether it’s done by painting, drawings, illustration, writing or fashion. All creative outlets aspire to do one thing. To […]

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New Additions Coming Soon

After three months of writing the 2nd draft of Happy Ever After in the Modern World: Welcome to the Circus, it has finally gone off to the editor. Much of the first draft isn’t included within the 2nd. If you’re single, a lot of the content which hasn’t been included will be of relevance to […]

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Struggles of an Indie Author

Being a writer can be testing at the best of times. Writing a book in its self is a mammoth task. Yet, it is only the tip of the ice berg. The real struggle is finding a reputable editor. Whilst there are many editing services available online they merely copy type your MS. If you […]

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About Y.K.R

Y.K.R is an indie author with her first project, Happy Ever After in a Modern World: Welcome to the Circus due to be released in August 2017. The project is a memoir/dating guide style book created from self-experience and quantitative research of the dating scene. Y.K.R is a 28-year-old British female based in East Sussex. She […]

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