Happy Ever After? No it Wasn’t

Love starts with oneself. For if one doesnt have enough self-worth or dignity others will be incapable of loving them. When one establishes their worth many will not be worthy, thus meaning much time will be spent alone. Albeit, its far better to spend time alone than in the company of those who do not deserve you.

Those of you who have read my book, know that I speak of not settling to just settle. What this actually means is not settling for below your worth, not settling for substandard love, not settling for those who do not see your worth and not settling for those who do not love you both purely and unconditionally. For it is better to spend a lifetime alone than to spend it wasted being treated poorly. If you settle for this you remove your own chances of being treated right and happy ever after.

I recently experienced this. Again, for those of you who read my book, I speak of this magical man named Papi. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, I was under Papi’s false illusion. He painted himself to be the perfect boyfriend, putting my fears to bed, helping me fix old scars and we had planned a life together as a power team. Unfortunely, this was all an act. Papi cared for only one person. He quickly became cold, distant and only cared for his own feelings. Not only did he behave this way towards me but he minipulated me into believing I was not worthy of love for one reason or another. He put conditions on love and made me jump through hoops just to gain what should have been given freely. In the end, nothing could be done. The reasons he was acting this way toward me was because he was being minipulted and controlled by a strange relationship he has with his witch of an ex-wife. He was treating me like he didnt care because he didnt. He was also involving himself with other women which was why he didnt have the time to invest in me.

In short, Papi is a master minipulater and it wasnt happy ever after.


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