Self-Love: What Even is This Jazz?

Self-love. What is self-love? A love of oneself which could be deemed as selfishness or narcissism? Or, is it love which takes the form of respect? Or, is it allowing yourself to walk away from situations or people who steal your sense of happiness? Or, perhaps its a comfort in one’s own company. Whereby one is not dependant on another and doesn’t hold a sensation to seek out a significant other to build a future and happy bubble of life with?

Self-love is a major aspect of completenessĀ and metal wellness yet its something which has no universal meaning? Little people ponder its meaning and even fewer people questioning if they’re self-loving themselves.

Do I love myself? Well, I most certainly respect myself enough not to allow others to disrespect me. Albeit, I am sometimes culpable of allowing people and situations to mess with my vibe and consume my happiness. Moreover, I actively seek out and aspire for a husband. In a warped way, I feel that I need a significant other to build a future with. For who will be there to support me when times are tough or be my companion when I’m old? Does this mean that I’mĀ not self-loving? Do I need to become comfortable with the concept of being solo for eternity and if I find a suitable person then that’s a bonus? The thought of being solo for eternity isn’tĀ a favorable one. Even if I can train my mind to be content with the idea I’m doubtful that I would be able to train it enough to be happy with that thought; but, isn’t self-love true happiness? Therefore, if we train our minds to allow unsavory thoughts to be comfortable won’t our own minds be culpable of messing with our own vibes and we must walk away from those who mess with our vibes? Ā Of course, we cant walk away from ourselves. Thus meaning, one or both of the thoughts are incorrect. This begs the question, what really is self-love?

In spite of much research, I have failed to find a concreteĀ definitive meaning. If there’s no concreteĀ meaning then how on earth are we supposed to apply this major aspect to our lives? Perhaps we’re supposed to devise our own meanings, who really knows; but in the harsh world we live in, if we cant learn to love ourselves then how are we supposed to expect another to love us completely and unconditionally or vice versa?


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