My First Attempt at Writing Science Fiction Using Snowflake Method

A few weeks before my first book Happy Ever After? released, I awoke from a dream and thought to myself, ‘that was freaking awesome’. I instantly scribbled down bits and bobs of facts which I could recall of scientists conducting experiments regarding locating one’s soulmate, love triangles, infidelity and many more random abstract pieces of information. I thought as I found the dream awesome, perhaps others would also enjoy the story.

As a novice writer with only one non-fiction book to my name, I envisaged writing a sci-fi would be far more tricky. I researched plenty about creative writing and read the holy grail book for authors Stephen King On Writing. 

My random scraps of notes have now materialised through some stages. I personally think the snowflake method will work best for me. Albeit, it’s the only method I’ve tried to date.

I’ve since, outlined a plot, developed the key characters by writing their story from their POV and have a detailed structure of events throughout each chapter. The method seems quite easy, adding little by little each time. Not only does one establish plot holes early in but writer’s block can be squashed at this level due to the detailed structure (one hopes). I’m now preparing to write my first draft. All seems to be plain sailing so far and I’m quite amazed how far the concept has come from scribbles to structure in just a few weeks. Although, I shall update the journey and transition throughout the stages as I’m sure to hit hurdles along the way.

Isn’t it an amazing thing to have a dream, flesh that dream out and share that very dream with the world. To write really is an amazing and addictive hobby.


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