Pondering Book Chart Domination

When you bring out your title, your friends and family automatically buy it, share it and speak of your work highly to others. Their support may, in turn, create a small flurry of others to buy your book but, how can you achieve the real snowball scenario?

A great example of the snowball effect is 50 Shades of Grey. Overnight E.L James not only became very wealthy but anyone and everyone was speaking of her work. Regardless as to what part of the world you were in the story was the same and all that was on everyone’s lips was 50 Shades. How did this happen? Well, it really was a scenario whereby one person bought the title and told their friends who in turn bought it and did the same. It almost became the worlds largest bookclub whereby you were deemed as odd or weird if you weren’t reading one of her books.  As the words 50 Shades began to rise from workplaces to coffee shops and bars, the press began to pick up on the title and gave rise to a higher level of visibility and recognition. Just like that, overnight, 50 shades had dominated America and then every other country in the world (or so it would seem).

So, how did E.L James do it?  Was her story so well written and compelling that it blew all other titles into irrelevance?  Or, was it so relatable that everyone in every part of the world could relate to her work? Or, was her marking so well strategically organised that her efforts warranted the levels of success?

Whilst I absolutely take my hat off to the famous lady and aspire to her levels of success, I don’t believe her level of fame and fortune was due to any of the above possibilities. I believe that America and its 323.1 million population are to thank. As with most other industries such as music, America dominates and contradict the success of the book market too. Flurry by flurry the words of 50 shades were spread which in turn created the hype around the book.

Now, if only we could find a way for our own titles to infiltrate the American market. Which is something which is very hard if you’re not an American citizen. I guess there isn’t any form of mathmatical equation or marketing strategy, it really does boil down to having a good story and lady luck on your side.


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