Self-Publishing Marketing Tips

Can a book ever become successful on Amazon without any marketing? Surely without some form of marketing, the book will be lost in the sea of millions. The success of a book is not only determined by how great it is. You can write the most marvelous book out there but without discovery and visibility, that fabulous book will never get the recognition it deserves.

If you’re an indie author without the heavy backing of a publisher, how can you compete against titles from bestsellers? Marketing is expensive and doesn’t always guarantee a return in revenue. Being an indie author you don’t have the power behind you to go to the press to gain attention or the ability to arrange book signings in large bookstores such as Waterstones. So, what other options can you utilise to gain visibility?

Online tools: The more time you can spend on online platforms the better. Whether this is YouTube, Instagram, your own blog, Twitter or Facebook. If you can build a small following throughout social media a few of those may invest in your work.

In person: Libraries within the UK appear to be dying out. Perhaps this is due to the internet and books being readily available. Or, it could be due to the environment being bland and holding the stigma of a setting whereby everyone wears brown whilst sitting there with their fingers pressed on their lips. However, this shouldn’t be the case. A library shouldn’t only be seen as somewhere you go to borrow yellow stained tatty books. It should be a place where people can learn and meet others who are creatives of some form. Most libraries are accommodating of indie authors, especially local ones. Utilise this avenue by giving something back to your readers and the local community. Be it a reading from your book or a workshop on your area of specialty, you have something to give. In turn, this small gesture will most certainly generate visibility.

Giveaways: Amazon offers you to give away your book for free which in turn should boost your discovery rates. People are more inclined to take a risk by downloading if your books free. You could do this and hope for the butterfly effect. Whereby, one person reads it for free and then tells their friends how great it was and they buy your book when it’s on sale for the market price but, this is risky. You’re quite unlikely to gain any real revenue from this avenue. Just as people judge books on their cover they equally judge on the price. If you’re giving away a book for free, to the reader they may deem it as worthless. So, if you’re not going to give the book away for free, what else can you give? You could run a giveaway and give just one lucky reader a free personalised book. Or, you could try to collaborate with other artists and put together a hamper of giveaways. People like to get something for nothing but, people like to win something for nothing even more as it gives value.

If any of you other lovely creatives have any other marketing tips and tricks to add feel free to comment.


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