When We Say ‘their loss’, is it actually a loss?


How many times have we heard or said, ‘it’s their loss’ after dating or a relationship fails? This is an automatic line which is frequently used. Typically in an attempt to make ourselves or others feel better about the situation. Yet, if we’re prepared to think or say this, we have to consider what it is that they’ve actually lost!?

Is it just kitty cat what they’ve lost? If so, maybe it’s not so much of a loss. There are thousands of kitties readily available. All just like yours. Why is yours anymore unique to that of the girl next door? Exactly, it’s not.

What else do you bring to the table for them to lose? Do you have above average beauty and body? Just because you may be gifted enough to be physically attractive this is nothing without substance and personality. Therefore, if all they’ve lost is a toned bum or a face which can utilise makeup tutorials, it’s not really a loss. For, there are thousands, if not millions of girls who have similar beauty and bodies.

Are you a good woman and would you actually be a good partner to them? Did you really have something which is different from the other women of the world? A good way to assess this is to look at previous relationships.  If your ex-partners would still jump at the opportunity of rekindling with you, the chances are, the answer’s yes. This means that you were a good woman to them. A good woman, who treats her man well with mutual respect is hard to find.

You are only a loss to another if you are a bundle of carefully crafted layers. It is their loss if they either didn’t get to experience or enjoy all of you. To be irreplaceable you must be uniquely different. It is only then, that we can truly be of loss to someone.


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