What is Creativity?

Many of us feel as though we’re creative souls. Yet, we don’t know what we’re good at or what actually makes us creative.

Creativity, in essence, is creating or influencing a response or feeling in others. Whether it’s done by painting, drawings, illustration, writing or fashion. All creative outlets aspire to do one thing. To create a message which in-turn creates a feeling or response in others.

If you’re a drifting creative soul searching for your forte. One needs to understand and establish what the main message is which we are trying to display. For, an artist doesn’t create a picture without a concept in mind. Same as the writer, they do not start an article without a core topic.

It took me many years to come to realisation that I was a writer. I knew that I was creative as I never fitted within a corporate setting. Albeit, it took me nine years, two degrees and two careers to establish this. I began to think that I just needed to be my own boss as I hated being dictated to. So, I started my own corporate company. Did I really start the company because I wanted to be my own boss? Or, did I start the company because I wanted to create something? I merely wanted to create. For, the business itself is governed by legislation and admin task and I am still confined to an office. I can never really be happy in this environment projecting a message through creativity that I am unclear of.

It’s hard to be creative when we have the constant need for money in order to survive. Many forms of art or creativity do not pay the bills. Therefore we still need a job. If we can find a job that enables us to be creative and project the messages that our souls are urging us to project then we have found success. Even if we are poor in terms of money and material possessions. For, we will be rich in happiness.


One thought on “What is Creativity?

  1. I was sure we’d had an argue about creativity – as many uses the word wrongly. Everyone’s seem to be creative today – well everyone’s using the word about themselves. I agree with you – what it takes to be creative, you’ve got to have a message, a story, a provocation, something you have on your mind you wanr out. I see many “artists” who are technically sublime – but they don’t really have anything to say.
    I’ve found a job were i can combine creativity and making a living. Compromising on earning loads, for time, to be creative – creativity is where true happiness in life are – so sad so few realizes that. Well written blog πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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