Creative Minds In A Corporate Industry

When we think of a career, what do we envisage? Paper, a desk, computer. When we think about a ‘good’ career, what do we imagine? The same corporate setting but with the addition of pressure and power. The level of success is measured by means of money in which we’re paid each month.

What happens when a creative mind aspires for a ‘good’ career? We pursue the corporate world. Yet, what happens when the creative mind meets such a world? I shall tell you. I have always been an ambitious person, with ambition comes a strong desire for success. How do we measure our level of success? With money and power. So, I study for many years to attain a job of such status. Am I happy? No! Why? Because I have based my own perception of what ‘success’ is on social norms. The majority of society are born with corporate minds. Therefore, they see anything which is creative as a hobby and push jobs of ‘success’upon us. My mind is creative and doesn’t fit into a worldĀ consumed by order, tasks, deadlinesĀ and rules. For, my mind is similar to a butterfly and needs to be free to think and fly from thought to thought. If you trap a butterfly in a concrete box, what will happen to that butterfly? It will suffocate and die. For, it is not free to move and explore. This is in essence what happens when you force a creative mind into being corporate. Slowly but surely you kill the creativity. As your mind doesn’t fit, you never feel a sense of belonging in any position. You flit from corporate job to corporate job never finding contentment of being. Those who are corporate perceive this as drifting and instability.

You have achieved both the skills and the position but is this really success if our minds are forced to slowly die and our sense of being is never satisfied. To have a successful careerĀ is to have a career which isn’t measured by money or power but by happiness and freedom of our own minds. Anything material (including money itself) isĀ perishable and therefore tempory. Why should we sacrifice our own mental well-being to achieveĀ temporary.


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