Struggles of an Indie Author

Being a writer can be testing at the best of times. Writing a book in its self is a mammoth task. Yet, it is only the tip of the ice berg. The real struggle is finding a reputable editor. Whilst there are many editing services available online they merely copy type your MS. If you require something more in-depth, like developmental their services simply will not cut it.

I recently found someone who I thought would have the expertise. I paid my £300.00 and eagerly awaited two weeks.  When the two weeks were up, I received an email refusing my MS. The editors reasoning was that my work was too offensive and shocking. Whilst I can appreciate that someone in their late 50s who has been happily married for many years may find today’s dating scene shocking as it is greatly different from that of 20 years ago.

I’ve since taken her constructive feedback disguised as a shit sandwich on board and have embarked on the journey of the 2nd draft. I’m still on a hunt for an editor and wonder how other first-time indie publishers over come this struggle. Whilst I am fortunate enough to have contacts within the art and media world and therefore have assistance and support to a degree. I’m sure that many aren’t as fortunate as I am thus leaving them in a lonely boat on a seldom journey to publishing. I fear that many would not be capable of over coming this road block and would ultimately give up their dreams of becoming an author. This is a sad thought as it’s quite likely that there are many ms’s out there gathering dust and will never be read.

Finding an editor isn’t the only struggle I’ve come up against. Finding an illustrator seems to be equally hard. Whilst I’m sure that many will not face this struggle as many books are very commercial nice looking. I’m looking for a cover which reflects my work. Therefore a lovely photo of a cake or puppy simply will not cut it. I write of the dating scene today’says era otherwise known as the circus. It isnt always a fun place to be and has more dark corner than that of light. Therefore, I need something which reflects the real tone and mood of the text. For, I dont want to mislead people of the content. Whilst my ideas may not be comercially acceptable I provide a glimps into the real world of dating without the sugercoat sunnies on.

I’m a determined person and will not let the struggles of a first time author block me from achieving what I have set out to do. Albeit, the road blocks have pushed the release date back and unfortunately, the book will not be on the shelves in August.


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