My First Attempt at Writing Science Fiction Using Snowflake Method

A few weeks before my first book Happy Ever After? released, I awoke from a dream and thought to myself, ‘that was freaking awesome’. I instantly scribbled down bits and bobs of facts which I could recall of scientists conducting experiments regarding locating one’s soulmate, love triangles, infidelityĀ and many more random abstract pieces of information. […]

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Pondering Book Chart Domination

When you bring out your title, your friends and family automatically buy it, share it and speak of your work highly to others. Their support may, in turn, create a small flurry of others to buy your book but, how can you achieveĀ the real snowball scenario? A great example of the snowball effect is 50 […]

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Self-Publishing Marketing Tips

Can a book ever become successful on Amazon without any marketing? Surely without some form of marketing, the book will be lost in the sea of millions. The success of a book is not only determined by how great it is. You can write the most marvelous book out there but without discovery and visibility, […]

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Traditional Vs Self-Publishing

After many years, four to be exact, I’m both relieved and tremendously excited for the finished product to be released in five days. Happy Ever After? will be out on Friday the 13th October.

Many may not know but, I was offered a publishing contract although made the conscious decision to decline and self-publish. Whilst the journey as a first-time author has been both testing and very confusing I’m happy that the end is near and even happier that I chose to walk the path solo. The book is a product of my own choices; this simply wouldn’t have been the case if I had have taken the traditional route. The editor, the cover, the typeset and marketing these have all been my own choices, I’ve had total control. Ā When one embarks on a journey of writing, which can be lonely; one also should have control over the finished product that is released into the world. From the moment I received a publishing offer, I felt that control was taken away. Not only was I selling the rights to my work but I was selling the control too, all for a rather modest sum considering the hours of blood, tears and determination which went into writing it. The control aspect hit me like a lead balloon from the onset, the publishers had (without my consent) changed the title of the book on the offer.

Whilst self-publishing does still hold a stigma to a degree, I personally feel that all first-time authors should follow this path for their first book. So much is learned when you have to take that journey alone without guidance. When there is no one there to hold your hand whilst looking for help. It’s far more beneficial to know not just how to write but, how to write, produce and market your own work. That in itself is power! To be an independentĀ author who is both able and capable of writing what they want when they want. The hard work and the writing are down to the author but, ultimately the success of the book is down to the universe upon release.

I salute all other fellow indieĀ authors.


*Photo Credit:Ā dbphotography


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